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Stanozolol, or Winstrol, is a known anabolic steroid derived from testosterone with several molecular changes that give it its unique properties. It is released in both pills and injections. Culturists and athletes put Stanozolol in third place pedestal among the best anabolic steroids, after Testosterone and Trenbolon. For most athletes it is also a cheap alternative to Anawar.

Anabolic steroids are commonly used by bodybuilders to create relief muscles and burn excess fat. Stanozolol not an exception. It plays a very important role, because it does not allow water to stay in muscles, which is important when drying. As is known, some testosterone hormone is capable of becoming estrogen, which can lead to water retention. However, the amount of testosterone in Stanozolol is considered to be very minimal, which does not lead to such effects. Therefore, men should not be afraid of side effects such as breast augmentation.

The drug slightly affects the increase in strength and muscle mass. As an anabolic agent it is clearly inferior in efficacy to testosterone, so some athletes use other anabolic steroids for this purpose. But culturists and other athletes who need to add strength and muscle mass without increasing fat content in the body, choose Stanozolol.

Female sportswomen choose Stanozolol because it provides anabolic effects (muscle build-up) with very minimal androgenic effects. For example, such as voice changes. Furthermore, Stanozolol ‘s ability to burn fat also makes it the most preferred among women engaged in culturism.